Three bowls of congee topped with extra ingredients, tuna, Thai meatballs and beef on a green background

3 ways of taking your congee to the next level

Our warm creamy congee is the perfect lunchtime snack for those who don’t have time to meal prep, but if you actually do have time to cook, you may want to know what toppings you can add to take it to the next level. Here are three ways our Executive Chef Andy Chu tops our Original Congee.


Thai Meatball Congee

This option needs some preparation as it requires making the Thai meatballs from scratch. However, don’t worry, it won’t take too long, you’ll be done in about 6 minutes. To make the meatballs, you will need to mix minced pork with fish sauce, rice flour, coconut, sugar and chilli flakes. Once done, roll them into meatballs and cook them in boiling water in your wok. Meanwhile, prepare your Mr Lee’s Original Congee pot, make sure you mix well and wait for 4 minutes. Put the congee into a bowl and top with the meatballs, one egg yolk and some chopped spring onion. If you want to see how to make it, watch our TikTok video

Tuna and Roasted Peanuts Congee

If you're looking in the pantry for toppings for your congee, don’t underestimate tuna. This recipe is perfect if you are looking to add some extra protein or if you want a pescatarian option. Prepare your Mr Lee’s Original Congee and once it’s ready pour it into a bowl and top with tuna, roasted peanuts, chopped spring onions and some chilli flakes. Watch the video.


Beef and Coriander Congee

For this one, get yourself a fillet of steak, marinate it in white pepper, rice flour and soy sauce, leave it for a few minutes and pan-fry it to your liking. Before preparing your Original Congee, chop the coriander stems and add them to the cup. Add hot water, mix well and wait for 4 minutes. Once the congee is ready, add it to a bowl and top with the pieces of beef and the coriander leaves. Super simple! Watch Andy make the recipe step-by-step. 


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Mr Lees Team